Capacitors, Russian Military High Voltage Ceramic , Various Models KVI-3

  • €22,50

The military quality makes these very reliable and long-life components.

We have a large assortment of different values; 470 pF, 680 pF and 1000 pF. Voltages are 10 KV, 16 KV and 20 KV. Screws included.

Mostly used in transmitters on Ham radio as well on RF-welding and RF heaters.

We also have vacuum capacitors as 100 pF and 250 pF field value.

Please note that some of the photos show slight variance to the actual product due to misprinting - the capacitors come in the pF and KV values listed as available in the drop-down menu.

Also available in bundles of 12 for a discount.

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