M2 Antenna Systems 6M7JHV VHF Antenna

M2 Antenna Systems 6M7JHV VHF Antenna

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Yagi, 6m, 7 el., 30 ft. 8 in. x 1.5 in. Boom, 13 dBi, 25 dB F/B, 2.5 kW, T-match, N female, 19 lbs each.

M2 Antennas 6M7JHV 6 meter yagi antenna is a mid-sized 7 element antenna designed originally for the late Dave Batcho, N5JHV. 6M7JHV beams offer excellent gain that is coupled with a very clean pattern for reducing local noise, making them ideal for long haul terrestrial and EME communications. Outstanding performers by themselves, these beams also produce 17 dBd in a 4-bay array.

6M7JHV beams mechanical features include machined aluminum element-mounting blocks, O-ring sealed connectors and balun, silicone-gel sealed T- match block, and stainless steel hardware. Their elements are 3/8 in. aluminum tubing and are DC grounded. The 1-1/2 in., 30 ft. 8 in. long boom breaks down into 5 ft. sections for easy portability. An overhead truss line system provides additional boom support. 6M7JHV beams have become the standard of choice for HF plus 50 MHz DXpeditions.

Made in California USA.



Manufacturer's Part Number: 6M7JHV
VHF/UHF Beam Antenna Type: Yagi
VHF/UHF Beam Antenna Elements: 7
Antenna Power Rating: 2,500 W
Beam Antenna Boom Length: 30.66 ft.
Beam Antenna Maximum Boom Diameter: 1.500 in.
VHF/UHF Beam Antenna Longest Element: 114.000 in.
Beam Antenna Turning Radius: 17.17 ft.
Mast Mounting Clamp Minimum: 1.500 in.
Mast Mounting Clamp Maximum: 2.000 in.
Wind Surface Area: 2.500 sq. ft.
Beam Antenna Frequency Coverage: 50.0-50.4 MHz
Feedpoint Impedance: 50 ohm
Feedpoint Match Type: T-match, balanced
Antenna Feedline Connection Type: Type N, female
Antenna Weight: 19.00 lbs
VHF/UHF Beam Antenna Bands: 6 meters
VHF/UHF Beam Antenna Elements (app): 7
Beam Antenna Gain: 13.0 dBi
Beam Antenna F/B (dB): 25.0 dB
E-Plane 3 dB Beamwidth: 40 degrees
H-Plane 3 dB Beamwidth: 42 degrees
Bandwidth at 2:1 SWR: Over 450 kHz
Typical Beam Polarization: Horizontal (SSB CW)
Beam Antenna Boom Wavelength: 1.6

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