Mirage D-1010-N 430-450 MHz Amplifier

Mirage D-1010-N 430-450 MHz Amplifier

  • €350,00


- 10W in - 100W out

- 430-450Mhz SSB/FM

- Can be modified for ATV service

- Voltage 13.8 vDC

- Adjustable delay for SSB

- Remote control outlet

- 50 ohm impedane (input & output)

- Use with Mirage/KLM antennas 440-6X, 440-10X and 440-16X



RF power in: 300mW to 15 Watts

RF power out: 100W

Current: 20 Amps

Size: 12" x 3" x 5.5"

Weight: 6lbs


Made in California USA.     Attn:  Both Amlifiers are in Product test / Adjustments for max power in progress with new Final MRF transistors during Feb 2022. Used a bit few years ago.

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