Kenpro KR-500B Elevation Rotator

  • €339,00


The KR-500 is an elevation rotator specifically designed for 180 degree vertical rotation of communication antennas. It utilizes heavy duty construction throughout for use with more than one antenna (stacked array).

The KR-500 housing is of high tolerance diecast, non-corrosive aluminum combined with all stainless steel hardware and features a waterproof terminal block on the rotator.

The control box circuitry is voltage regulated for high accuracy direction indication.

The motor disc brake holds up to 2000kg per centi-meter (1750 lbs/inch).

The KR-500 has been designed for low maintenance and easy repair



Power requirement: AC 117/220 volts 50/60Hz
Power consumption: 30VA
Motor voltage: 24 volts AC
Rotation time: 74 sec at 50Hz/180 degree, 61 sec at 60Hz/180 degree
Stopper: 180 degree mechanical pin stopper
Rotation torque: 400kg per centi-meter / 350lbs per inch (motor disc type)
Brake: 2000kg per centi-meter / 1750lbs per inch
Accuracy: +- 3%
Mounting: 38-63mm (1 1/2" - 2 1/2") for mast, 32-43mm (1 1/4" - 1 5/8") for boom
Recommended cable: 6 conductors cable, #22 AWG or larger


Made in Japan.

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