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  ELSTAR Oy,Ltd Winter 2016 - 2017 information:



For our professional customers we have done a lot of work to reach best quality and lower price compared to other importers.

New RF Enclosure boxes on our special setup and / or on the set up as your features for EMC testing.

Also Professional level Heat Pump units on CE and TUV acceptation are available now. To save money, we recommend our new installation set using high quality tubing and tooling.

On this dark time of the year; You should invest to our Led Products form money save. All fluorescent tubes must be exchanged to new Led tubes if you wish to save money for your best segments in the enterprise of yours.


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Nov 2016…

We have new website set up and we will upload all as fast we we will get our server on the level of today.

We may change server as our current server / Elisa does not do us satisfied.


Next days shows the way we will do it.


Anyway a lot of high quality electronic takes place in our stock and new sea freight for large devices, antennas etc. will be worked out to get all our customers happy.

 For Radio amateurs we still have some super high quality antenna kits, wish are not available any more on same super quality level.

Most of new products are less powerful and relative price is much higher.