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What is ELSTAR Oy, Ltd
The company has been created already 1987 to distribute all the technical talent to industry and to radio amateurs all over the world. To use experience of computer engineering, radio communication and industrial electronics as well the large  and fast computer hardware service engineer teaching, the president of ELSTAR has got for over 10 years.
Last years the RF enclosure measuring device set has been main export product for our company..
Now we are back for large electronic import, sale, service and product development segments.
Our engineer group is planning to get for sale new design for radio & IT communication, energy save, antenna design and some new innovations to help our customers on many ways.
Please look our new site every week and I am sure, that you will find very interesting product and something new as never seen before on relevant price and on high quality level.

Welcome now and again to Elstar Oy, Ltd.
President of ELSTAR Oy, Ltd




Pajukontie 11
33430 Ylöjärvi

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